Customize your floatation therapy by choosing a shorter or longer float session to suit your needs

60 Minute Float

Step into your own spacious float room, lie down in the Epsom salt saturated water and quite your mind and body. Let your sense go until you reach a state of peaceful calm. Sound, light and gravity are no longer distractions, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate.

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90 Minute Float

Extend your floatation therapy experience with a 90 minute float session. With all the same relaxing benefits of the 60 minute float, this is for floaters looking for a little more relaxation time.

Try the Extended session and see where it takes you.

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Float Packages


Take advantage of the cost savings by purchasing a multiple float package. This will allow you to float at whichever float frequency meets your needs and schedule. Float credits do not expire and are transferable.

These are available for both the 60- and 90-minute floats.

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Float Memberships


Floating is a practice that has a learning curve and accumulation effect – the more often you do it, the better and more effective it gets. You can purchase extra floats for a discounted rate and get a number of other member perks. These are available in both 2 and 4 floats per month for either 60- or 90- minute floats.

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Yoga Nidra & Singing Bowls


Come join us as Bhakti Light shares her gifts with us. Yoga Nidra and crystal singing bowls. Ignite the heart chakra and have some fun. Time it with a 4pm float session for the perfect mind body combo.

Every 2nd Monday of the month from 7pm.

Call to reserve your space. 281.978.4037

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