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Introduction Package

3 Float Sessions
Get Started for $180

Introduction Package

2 Float Sessions
Get Started for $130

Blissful waters is a mind body destination providing premium floatation and sensory deprivation therapy in The Woodlands Texas.

Offering a place to restore and unplug from our hectic lives.

No sound, light and no gravity.


Get Dad the gift of relaxation!

2  60-Minute floats



I floated for the first time today and it was an amazing experience. The staff took me step by step through the process and made me feel very comfortable. The massage chair before and the oxygen after the float completed my experience. With my heavy workout load, the Epsom salts soothed my muscle pains. I have never felt this relaxed. Andrea

Incredible first time float experience!!  Spa atmosphere and spa experience from the time you walk in. So thankful to have found this place!!  Awesome membership options, as well!!! Tiffany

My husband gifted me this experience for my birthday. What a beautiful journey.  The owner was amazing informative and very calming. I can’t wait to go back and go deeper in the float! Heather