• Don’t drink coffee for several hours beforehand (it can make your system jittery).
  • Don’t shave or wax since the salt water can irritate your skin.
  • Eating a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes ahead of time stops your stomach from grumbling and being a distraction.
  • Do a little research on floating
  • Other than that, there’s no specific preparation needed.

Just an open mind and a tired body! We provide everything else.. towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a hairdryer. However, you may want to bring a brush or comb for after you get out.

While there is no guarantee that the salt won’t strip some color from your hair, we recommend that you not float for at least a week after having your hair dyed or if some color is still coming out when you wet it.

We recommend that you not float for at least a week after having a spray or applied tan or if some color is still coming off when your skin is wiped or washed.

Floating and fresh tattoos do not mix! Not only could floating with a fresh tattoo be painful but the water solution could cause fading or discoloration of your tattoo. How long you should wait depends on how quickly your new tattoo heals. It is suggested that you wait 4-6 weeks after getting inked.

Anyone who floats regularly will tell you how blissfully comfortable and deeply relaxed they feel whilst floating. You’re as close as you are ever likely to be to an experience of weightlessness; and, surprisingly, there is no feeling of being confined in a tight space.

It’s okay… many people are, but we’ve also got large float rooms… you can stand up inside them. The light is controlled from inside, giving you total control of your environment.

Floating has been proven to relieve much of the stress and discomfort of pregnancy and can offer you and your baby deep relaxation. If you are in your third trimester, or have any concerns, please consult with your physician before coming in.

Our float rooms comply with the most stringent health and safety regulations. The water contains mostly salt and so the solution is by nature, sterile. The water is filtered multiple times through a one micron filter between each float, and treated with UV light and Hydrogen Peroxide.

No – Your skin doesn’t even prune up, but it does become silky soft afterwards.

No – Some people do fall asleep and with the water being so buoyant you stay afloat.

Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills at all and, it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are.

Yes. Just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

  • Floating, as with other things, doesn’t suit everybody. It needs willingness on your part to let go and see what happens, and you may need to float a few times before you can relax completely, both physically and mentally. Depending on your own journey through life, a float might provide an hour of total physical relaxation – or a profound healing experience, emotionally and spiritually transforming.
  • Every float can be a little different.
  • Yes, you float within your own private room. There is no need to wear a bathing suit and it is recommended that you don’t wear any item that could be a distraction during your float.
  • Each of our rooms has it’s own shower and is for your exclusive use for the duration of your session.

Though many notice results after their first float, some will notice improvements after their second or third float. This gives the body enough time to adjust to the new environment. This is also the reason why we offer three floats in our introduction package.

Only one person per tank.

We have multiple float tanks so you can invite a friend to float simultaneously.

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