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Welcome to Blissful Waters Float Center located in beautiful forest community of The Woodlands Texas. Blissful Waters offers float rooms in beautiful private suites designed for your comfort and relaxation. Complementing our float sessions are our zero gravity massage chairs to get you in the right frame of mind to start you float.

We believe when you spend time at Blissful Waters Float Center, it’s all about you. Our caring and attentive staff is here to ensure you experience all of the wonderful benefits floating has to offer–a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.

Alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, relieve pain and much more by adding flotation therapy to your personal care regimen. Learn more about the many benefits of floating.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Melody Fraser, Owner and Float Coach


Blissful Waters Float Center is THE premier float center of The Woodlands, TX. 

Our family owned small business provides Float Therapy, (sometimes known as Sensory Deprivation), O2 Oxygen Bar, Health Coaching and more in a relaxing spa environment.

As busy mother and wife working in the fitness industry I suffered from anxiety and the typical stresses of life. I found that floating has calmed me, given me focus and gratitude. Naturally, I want this for everyone who walks through our door! 

Our family would like to share the benefits that floating has brought us and bring health and happiness to our community. Join us today! Single Floats and Memberships available.

By restricting sensory input, we increase awareness”

~Michael Hutchison – The Book of Float.

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